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Film  Art  Works  is  a web that provides a full-service  video  production.  This is a website that promotes the work of the filmmaker Eduardo Serrano and as well it is a space where other freelancers that works with him could belong to your  crew’s film project. Our goal is to provide individually a multi-platform content for an international client base of market with dynamic new brands, documentaries, tourist bodies, musicians, actors, art events, fashion, broadcasters, educators and more. We are happy to develop any brief from scratch into a thing of beauty, clarity and impact, or to work with your team to produce any element of any project already underway.

A good  pre-production plan is the perfect tool for a good film distribution.

The video process begins by choosing the purpose of your video. The key to a successful video is keeping it simple and limited to a solitary goal or intent.

Shooting without a script adds immeasurably onto the production and editing time. Without a carefully  designed script, a project will wind up costing more than expected and be less than successful in covering your message.


Video production requirements vary massively from project to project.

The Film Art Works crew arrives at “call time” and establishes a centrally located “stash area” where equipment is brought.

The shooting is provided with schedules and with the efficient cooperation of personnel.

Rehearsals would be provided if necessary days before the filming.

We believe that good videos are the result of craftsmanship, and rushing the job detracts from the final results.


Video editing will dress your film concerning clear goals and competitive market expectations. Our goals are your goals, and the best post-production must be on the level of a good cut. Styles, music, animations, color correction, subtitles, sound mixing and other phases would build up the material into the video format required.

The first cut would be provided to you onto our screening room where changes or second cuts could be applied.


Berlinale 2011
A reportage made for 
Argentinean TV (INCAA) 
based on the International 
film festival of Berlin. production-events_berlinale_2011.html
Explosiv! - Ein Funke springt über! - FIre Up
MUSIC VIDEO-production_music_videos_Fire_up.html
Rose Theatre London
Clearly a very talented young man, and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services. I believe he would make a huge contribution to any organization. 
Richard Matthews
Marketing Manager -Rose Theatre, http://www.rosetheatrekingston.org/

Cris Cosmo (musician)

Thanks a lot !

Always great to work with you.


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Eduardo Serrano -

director of photography & editor

Film  Art  Works

Eduardo Serrano -

director of photography & editor

Film  Art  Works

Film Produktion Internet Berlin Heidelberg